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Electrical and Elevator Board
Regular meeting agenda

Thursday, March 26, 2009, 9:30 a.m.
Conference Room A
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Building Codes Division
1535 Edgewater St. NW
P.O. Box 14470
Salem, OR 97309-0404
(503) 378-4133
FAX (503) 378-2322

I. Board business

A. Call to order
B. Roll call
C. Approval of agenda and order of business
D. Approval of the January 22, 2009 regular board meeting minutes
E. Date of the next regularly scheduled meeting: May 28, 2009


II. Public comment

This time is set aside for persons wishing to address the board on non-agenda items. Speakers are limited to five minutes. When it is your time to speak, the board Chair will call you to the front testimony table. Please state your name and the organization you represent (if any). If written material is included, please provide 20 three-hole-punched copies of all information to board staff prior to the meeting for distribution to board members. Action will not be taken at this meeting on citizen comments. The board, however, after hearing from interested persons, may place items on a future agenda so proper notice may be given to all interested parties.


III. Reports

A. Building Codes Division report
B. Enforcement cases

Final orders after hearing
1. Consideration of Final Order assessing civil penalties in the matter of J. Richard Brown
2. Consideration of Final Order assessing civil penalties in the matter of Douglas E. Railton and Cascade Sun Works Inc
3. Consideration of Final Order assessing civil penalties in the matter of Patrick J. Murphy
Final order after hearing, license denial
4. License denial on Thomas P. Timoshuk

C. Summary of enforcement actions previously taken by the division for cases 1 through 10, outlined on the enforcement board report. (No board action required)
D. Program updates


IV. Communications - None


V. Appeals - None


VI. Unfinished business

Board review and approve interim amendment to the Oregon Electrical Specialty Code Article 708, Critical Operations Power Systems


VII. New business

A. Board review and approve technical and scientific facts related to Statewide Alternate Method OESC No. 09-01 to allow the use of pneumatic elevators in residential buildings
B. Board review and approve proposed amendments to OAR 918-282-0140, general supervising electrician license
C. Review the proposed request made by NORPAC Foods Inc., to amend OAR 918-282-0150 to allow a contract general supervising electrician to oversee the work of the owner's employees
D. Review the request for an exemption from listing requirements for small wind energy property of not more than 100kw
E. Review the request made by Oregon Department of Energy for an amendment to the existing exemption for generation equipment in OAR 918-261-0030, and request that the division begin the rulemaking process
F. Review continuing education class proposal, Code Interaction and Relationships - Electrical Applications


VIII. Announcements - None


IX. Adjournment


Please do not park vehicles with "E" plates in "customer only" spaces.

Interpreter services or auxiliary aids for persons with disabilities
are available upon advance request.

For assistance, please contact Chris Huntington at (503) 373-1247.


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