Edition: Vol. 01, No. 06
Edition date: September 10, 2008

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Important information from the Oregon Building Codes Division to local building departments.

Board meetings
September, October 2008

September 11: Manufactured Structures & Parks Advisory Board

September 25: Electrical and Elevator Board

October 1: Residential Structures Board

October 17: Oregon State Plumbing Board

Committee meetings and hearings

September 16 - Rulemaking Hearings:
9:30 a.m. - HB 2475 electrical energizing installations rule

10:00 a.m. - Moisture content in construction materials

10:30 a.m. - OSSC mid-cycle code amendments

1:30 p.m. - Civil penalty matrix changes

2:00 p.m. - Electrical program assumption clarification

September 17 - Advisory Committee: Manufactured Housing Ownership Advisory Committee

Contact a Code Chief

Dennis Clements

- Chief Electrical Inspector
- 503-378-4459

Ron Crabtree
- Chief Elevator & Amusement Ride Inspector
- 503-378-3866

Albert Endres
- Manufactured Structures Chief
- 503-378-5975

Mike Graham
- Chief Boiler Inspector
- 503-373-7499

Richard Rogers
- Structural Program Chief
- 503-378-4472

Terry Swisher
- Chief Plumbing Inspector
- 503-373-7488

News Updates - September 10, 2008

Online OESC Code Change course has changed dates!

In an effort to reach a larger audience the OESC Code Change course scheduled for September 16 and 18 has been rescheduled and is now going to be held on Tuesday, September 23 and Wednesday, September 24 from 8:30 - 10:30 a.m. This course will fulfill the code change continuing education requirements for electrical inspector certification. Certification as a building inspector in Oregon requires the holder to take a code change course within six months of code adoption. The 2008 OESC went into effect on April 1, 2008. Inspectors have until October 1, 2008 to complete the certification requirements. You must take both sessions to receive the 4 continuing education credits. If you sign up today we will send you an invitation to be a part of this class. Because we can only accommodate 25 participants for the course, it will be on a first come, first served basis. So click on the link above to get your name at the top of the list!

If you have any question or want to learn more about the course, please contact Sherri West at 503-373-7509 or sherri.d.west@state.or.us.

Who's on first?

After several clarification requests to BCD regarding who has final decision making authority on both the local and state level, the following communication has been developed. We hope this white paper explains the unique system of decision making that is designed to promote statewide consistency with the building code.

If you organize it, they will come…

The division is forming a rulemaking advisory committee to assist in reviewing a temp rule that exempts certain electrical licensees from engineering requirements when designing, planning, and laying out the electrical portions of a fire protection system. If you or someone from your organization is interested in participating on this rulemaking committee please review the following correspondence for details on how to become a member. The overall committee size will be 5 to 7 members. Think about getting involved.

The amended 2006 IEBC becomes a statewide alternate method

The division will be issuing a Statewide Alternate Method No. OSSC 08-05 effective October 1, 2008. The Building Code Structures Board approved the scientific and technical facts of the alternate method at its September 4, 2008 meeting.

The new statewide alternate method will allow individuals to use the International Existing Building Code (IEBC) with Oregon amendments instead of the provisions contained in Chapter 34 of the 2007 Oregon Structural Specialty Code (OSSC). The IEBC is a comprehensive code promulgated by the International Code Council that expands upon the provisions in OSSC Chapter 34 and regulates alterations, repairs, additions, and changes of occupancy to existing buildings. The IEBC is intended to provide increased flexibility while ensuring public health and safety, as well as adding a new path for compliance. The full text of the new alternate method is available online.

Stay tuned for information in upcoming newsletters on a Webinar being developed to help participants understand how to use this new alternate method.

Regional Program Services

BCD regional forum
Redmond, October 8, 2008

The Building Codes Division is hosting a regional forum in Redmond at the Redmond Senior Center, 325 NW Dogwood Avenue, from 3-6 p.m. This is the second in a series of statewide regional forums, the agenda is focused on two code related themes and information from the CCB. The forum features BCD structural code specialist Shane Sumption, Department of Energy analyst Brady Peeks, BCD green building services manager Andrea Simmons, and Central Oregon CCB field Rep Tom Messier. This event will focus on construction requirements under the Americans with Disabilities Act, an update of recent activities from the CCB, and the relationship between green building and energy efficiency, concluding with a block of time for questions and answers from the audience. Building department staff, contractors and design professionals should find this a valuable dialogue. This event is free and open to the public.

Look for upcoming regional forums for the Northwest, Mid-Valley/Coast, and Eastern Oregon regions in the near future.


The hows and whys of ePermitting series
We are going to tackle a new question about ePermitting in each issue of the newsletter to help you better understand what it's all about. Please feel free to let us know if there are any questions you have that we can answer in this series.

Homeowner and BCD's online permitting systems
What can BCD's ePermitting systems do for homeowners? This question has come up several times since BCD made permits available online. Read the attached article to find out the reasons we have made a lot of features accessible to property owners with our ePermitting programs.


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