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Edition date: December 9, 2014


Important information from the Oregon Building Codes Division to local building departments.

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Nov. 5: Building Codes Structures Board

Nov. 18: Rulemaking Hearing

Nov. 20: Electrical and Elevator Board

Dec. 2: Board of Boiler Rules

Dec. 3: Mechanical Board - Canceled

Dec. 16: Rulemaking Hearing

Dec. 18: State Plumbing Board

Jan. 9: Residential and Manufactured Structures Board

Jan 20: Rulemaking Hearing

Jan 22: Electrical and Elevator Board

Jurisdiction Questions or Issues

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News Updates - December 9, 2014

November & December News Updates Summary

Building Official Orientation
• First building official training class is completed

Mandatory Code Change Course
• Many individuals with OIC have yet to complete required course

Statewide Interpretations and Alternate Methods
• Statewide Interpretations – Disproportionate Cost Limitation, Safety Glazing
• Alternate Method – Installation of Vestibules

Non-Boiler External Piping
• Division review of non-boiler external piping

Personnel Changes
• BCD hires new Electrical Program Chief

Building Official Orientation

The division recently wrapped up its first “Building Official Orientation” class. Newly appointed building officials are now required to attend training within six months of hire or appointment. The purpose of the training is to ensure each newly appointed official has met state qualification requirements and has a working knowledge of Oregon statutes, administrative rules and “Chapter 1” of Oregon codes.

During the two day training, six building officials met with key management and staff at BCD. The training focused on creating a deeper understanding of the role of the building official in Oregon’s unique regulatory system. Training topics ranged from the consistent application and enforcement of the code, finding tools to support the use of alternate methods and materials, and the efficient administration of the statewide building code.

The next “Building Official Orientation” is scheduled for January 14-15, 2015. If you are required to attend or know of someone interested in attending, check the Inspector Training webpage for the full course description.

Please contact Dana Fischer, Training Program Support Coordinator, at 503-373-7509 to get on the waiting list.

Mandatory Code Change Courses

The division has completed the first round of mandatory code change courses for codes that changed in 2014. Individuals who hold commercial structural, mechanical and any type of plumbing, electrical, or plans examiner certification must take division provided continuing education in order to renew their Oregon Inspector Certification (OIC). The only individuals who do not have to take continuing education are those with residential structural or mechanical certifications. It is not uncommon for some individuals to take more than one class from the division.

According to BCD’s most current records, over half of the individuals with OIC’s have not taken any 2014 continuing education. The division is currently working to identify these individuals and the classes they need to remain certified. BCD will send a letter to all of the OIC holders who have not yet taken a course. Building Officials are responsible to ensure all their staff have taken the required courses. In order to avoid suspension of an inspector’s certificate, please have your inspector register for the appropriate class.

If you have any questions, please contact Andrea Simmons at 503- 373-2160.

Recent Statewide Interpretations and Alternate Methods

With the recent flurry of code adoptions and trainings winding down, BCD’s Structural Program staff had the opportunity to work with stakeholders in the development of two new Statewide Interpretations and one new Statewide Alternate Method (SAM). A short summary of a statewide interpretation and statewide alternate method is explained below:

Statewide Alternate Method - The building official must allow the use of any material, design or method of construction addressed in a SAM.
Statewide Interpretation - A statewide interpretation is legally binding on any party involved in activities regulated by applicable Oregon law, applicable Oregon regulations or the State Building Code.

Statewide Alternate Method:
SAM 14-01 – Installation of Vestibules: This SAM captures a new exception in the 2015 IECC allowing air curtains in place of vestibules. As noted in the SAM, there are many conditions, especially in retail buildings, where a vestibule may be difficult to construct or less energy efficient. Information cited during the model code adoption process demonstrated that an air curtain provides equivalent energy savings to the baseline vestibule requirement.

For additional information contact Mark Heizer, Mechanical Code Specialist, at 503-373-0205.

Statewide Interpretations:
OSSC 14-01 – Alterations and Application of the 25% Disproportionate Cost Limitation: This interpretation updates a previously issued interpretation and deals with the application of ORS 447.241, OSSC chapter 11 and section 3411. Often referred to as the “25% Rule”, the interpretation goes into great detail in the proper application of this often misapplied statute and section of code.

For more information, please contact Steve Judson, P.E., Facilities Engineer, at 503-378-4635.

OSSC/ORSC 14-02 – Safety Glazing In and Around Tub/Shower Enclosures: This interpretation provides much needed guidance on what constitutes a hazardous location for enclosures where safety glazing is required.

For more information, please contact Steve Judson, P.E., Facilities Engineer, at 503-378-4635.

Non-Boiler External Piping Questions

In 2010, the Board of Boiler Rules requested information from the Oregon Attorney General Office regarding regulations related to non-boiler external piping installations covered under ORS Chapter 480. Based on an opinion issued by the (AAG) Assistant Attorney General, DCBS issued a notice to contractors and other parties in Oregon clarifying limitations within ORS 480 for regulating non-boiler external piping. Since this 2010 decision, industry has asked several additional questions seeking further guidance on licensing, permitting and inspection requirements for non-boiler external piping, process piping. As a result, Oregon Building Codes Division (BCD) has agreed to review this matter again. Mark Long has asked BCD staff to evaluate the AAG’s opinion and Oregon’s piping laws. After this review, BCD will work with industry to explore options on how to ensure contractors, operators, and stakeholders have a set of reasonable safety and health safeguards to protect the public.

It is expected that rulemaking, if any, would occur next spring.

New Electrical Program Chief

BCD is pleased to announce that Keith Anderson has accepted the position of Electrical Program Chief. Keith comes to BCD from Marion County, were he served for the past 13 years as the chief electrical inspector. With over 35 years of electrical industry experience, Keith brings a wealth of knowledge and inspection experience to the division. Shawn Haggin will continue in his current role as Assistant Electrical Program Chief. If you have any questions for the electrical program, please contact Keith at 503-378-4459 or Shawn at 503-378-5838.


Summary of enforcement cases presented
to the Electrical & Elevator Board

Summary report: These cases were resolved by the division's enforcement section without going to a contested case hearing. No action was required by the Electrical and Elevator Board.

License Suspensions and Revocations

Final Orders After Hearing

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